FAQ Page

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

(1) Where in UK is LIGHTOUSE situated?

The four trustees and operators within LIGHTHOUSE all live in Southampton, Hampshire. Our service has been designed in such a way that it makes no difference where we are located. In the future we would like to have offices at other locations but for now we can achieve our goals from Southampton.

(2) Why the name LIGHTHOUSE ?

Many sailors when suddenly caught in a storm or very rough seas have welcomed the beam from a Lighthouse to help them avoid the rocks. The service that we offer our members is no different at all. We provide various types of support to help our members avoid the rocks in the sea of daily life.

(3) Who runs Lighthouse?

Three of the four Trustees come from Poland and the fourth comes from Ireland. The three Polish people have been in UK for many years, all speak English and work in accounting, IT development and advertising. The Irish guy is sixty-three and spends his whole time running Lighthouse.

(4) What is LIGHTHOUSE’s main function?

This question can be answered in one word “INTEGRATION”. If you know any East European person who has made a successful life in the UK then that person will, almost certainly, have had to learn a good standard of English and then knowledge of how to deal with the huge list of daily problems that everybody in UK must deal with, admittedly, some more than most, depending on their financial situation. Proper integration is the key to securing a good lifestyle. The majority of clients we help speak little English and are confused about how to locate or obtain something and by helping them we hope to show them how to solve the problem themselves because it is highly likely that the same type of problem will crop up again in the future. This is helping them to integrate and this is LIGHTHOUSE’s main function.

(5) What would you say is the most important thing to do before coming to live in the UK?

Firstly, you must learn a basic knowledge of English and, if possible, good English. If you are coming as a family then try to ensure that the persons going out to work do have a reasonable level of spoken English. Secondly, become a member of LIGHTHOUSE for £12 per year and we will provide you with a full list of answers to the many questions that always crop up. The list includes, obtaining a National Insurance Number, Finding work (what to do first), Education for the children, Accommodation, what funds to bring in order to survive the first three/four months, regulations concerning government assistance (benefits), the importance of finding a GP (doctor) as soon as you have your accommodation secured, locating the best utilities (gas, electric, water and phone for your flat/house, and many, many other issues. Always, always remember the old saying “To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail”. Arriving in UK with a proper plan and answers to most of the questions is the most sensible course of action. Get in touch with is if you intend coming to live in the UK.