Police community support officers

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Want to give something back to your community? Then have you considered taking up a challenging role as a police community support officer?

As a police community support officer (PCSO), you will work on the frontline of your local force, providing a visible and reassuring presence on the streets and tackling the menace of anti-social behaviour.

This is a paid, usually full-time position that can lead to a long career with the police.

PCSOs have different roles in different forces, but they usually patrol a beat and interact with the public, while also offering assistance to police officers at crime scenes and major events.

Depending on where you work, you could:

  • deal with minor offences
  • offer early intervention to deter people from committing offences
  • provide support for front-line policing
  • conduct house-to-house enquiries
  • guard crime scenes
  • provide crime prevention advice

You would be a critical part of the force

Although PCSOs do not have the same powers as regular police officers, they still carry a lot of responsibility, and are a critical part of the police service.