Donate Now

Can you volunteer a few hours each week?

Dear reader, once you have looked at our website and gotten a feel for the work we do, would you please consider donating a few hours per week to our organisation. It does not matter what your nationality is or what experience you may have of this type of work, all we ask is that you have a willingness to assist other people who may be in a difficult position through no fault of their own. Many problems can be solved by a friendly piece of advice or just an ear for a short while. It matters not where you live, just contact us if you are willing to help and we will respond.

We are particularly interested to hear from you if you speak any languages besides Polish or English (Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Romanian etc.)

Never forget this, the knowledge you hold about your local community, town or city could be invaluable to some other person. If you are willing to help then please complete the Volunteer Form here.