Job Seekers Allowance


Job seekers allowance – confused?

Dear readers if you are healthy, below pension age and looking for work then  first of all you should register at your nearest JOBCENTRE PLUS office.

This sentence is underlined because it is very important, why?, because by following this simple bit of advice you are on the fastest road to either finding work or securing some financial support to help you in your search and this is called JOB SEEKERS ALLOWANCE. Unless you are either working or on Jobseekers Allowance then you are living outside the system and have very little access to any of the normal support/assistance available.

If you would like to know more then please Google “Job Seekers Allowance : Basic Rules of Entitlement” and this should provide you with all you need to know HOWEVER we fully appreciate that each case is different and that you may have circumstances preventing you from following the usual path.If you do have problems then we would ask that you email us, explaining your situation and once we have all your questions we will then run another article which will hopefully cover your particular query.


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